Just one of these days, I know, that someway somehow, my deepest thoughts will ignite and explode from within-

feeling nostalgic

Every time I listen to one of those country music by the really old musicians, I miss my dad.

Diary of a broken Eve 0.6

She didn’t even know whether to be happy because she had finally seen him or be mad at him for not showing up for the date. So her face looked something like a happy/sad one as she walked over to bed 15 to meet him.One of those creepy smiles. 

Love yourself, she said…

Today, I felt sorry.

It was quarter or so past 7pm and the class had dispersed out of sheer frustration. 

Diary of a broken Eve 0.5

So Eve took a pause to sit on one of the benches outside to munch on her leftover fish pie that was almost going bad ,lying in her bag. “I should really start to eat breakfast at home before coming to work!”

Diary of a broken Eve 0.4

Eve listened in silence as her mother and the man bonded and she formed her own mental impression about the young man. A part of her was drawn to him and she smiled when she realised it.