The nationalists consciousness-Ghana’s 60 years of nothing really.

Singing proudly: “arise Ghana youth for your country. The nation demands your devotion, let us ….”

Its been some 2weeks or so since Ghana; my homeland, turned 60. Ever since, I’ve seriously pondered over the nation and its definite struggle to develop technologically, economically,culturally among other things. However, there remains some unanswered questions concerning Ghana’s resources which have lead me to a conclusion that  Ghana has come far but just not far enough.


Ghana oil, discovery of a new loss

Somewhere 2012(if my memory serves me right), oil was discovered in Ghana and Ghanaians sang their hallejah. The people with their government made quite a number of plans for the supposed oil money that was yet to be realised. About some 7 years or so down the line, Ghana has still not harvested her yields from the oil discovery- even stones would have germinated after such long years. Ghana’s oil deal with foreign countries, according to Ghana Institute of Governance and Secirity, has rendered Ghana with just 30% of oil revenue expected from the exploitation and exploration of the oil for at least 20years.

Somebody, save the cedi, please.

The cedi has fallen awfully within the previous years. It went from 1USD =Gh¢1 to Gh¢4=1USD causing foreign investoers to take a detour in their choice of country to invest in. A sad turn of events.

And a broken Justice system.

Complaints have set in concerning Ghana’s deteriorated judicial system. Now, justice is literally sold for virtually anything at all. Recent investigations revealed some cruel and insensitive judges trading sound judgement at ‘insanely’ cheap prices.

Well, Ghana still has good culture, good food and citizens with kind golden hearts to boast of. And so Ghana has come far, just not far enough.

Singing slowly: Oman beye yie aa efiri yen ara 3×

Yen bo yen bra yi yie na ebeye yie aa efiri yen ara.

Jasmine Balfour, proudly Ghanaian


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