For the tasteful hungry.

Sometimes you feel hungry but not the kind of ‘hungry’ where you can eat virtually anything edible. I don’t know if that happens to everyone or maybe it’s just me. When I’m hungry I have a peculiar craving for something. It’s Like my body tells me- you’re hungry but we won’t take just anything you give us- we’re not that petty.

And this morning was one of those days. I felt so hungry because I ate late last night( I don’t know why my body does that) and when I woke up, I felt the urge to eat yam pudding(mpotompoto), a meal I wasn’t sure I could remember how it was prepared. So, With just onions and yam in my kitchen cupboard, I had to roam Madina getting foodstuff for my tasteful appetite. Funny? Yeah, some bodies have great taste for food alongside some pride.

How I make my mpotompoto.

Magic ingredients.

  • Yam chopped into really small pieces( I prefer the yam lying in the pudding like lumps)
  • Onions and pepper
  • Salt and spices(not so much)
  • Mushrooms(I’m a partial vegetarian that’s why, but fish is fine)
  • Chunks(soy chunks)
  • Palm oil
  • Groundnut paste( I just added it to try how the outcome will be)

The how

  • Boil the chopped yam until they become very soft.
  •  Take them out into a bowl or something, then begin with your mushrooms and chunks by steaming with onions, pepper and spices with salt for taste. Add your palm oil and stir intermittently.
  • Then work your groundnut paste by warming on fire with a little water.
  • Then add your paste to the steamed mushrooms and stir.
  • Now add your chopped- almost mashed yam to it and stir… You can choose to add a little palm oil to the surface. And tadaa!!!

Yam pudding magic is done..

Ps: this is how I make mine.. How about you?


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