Diary of a broken Eve:'( 

Eve slammed the door behind her and threw her weary self into the sofa. Exhausted, she laid down waiting patiently g had her off days colliding with a holiday and today that the miracle had happened, she wasn’t going to waste her day doing anything other than sleeping. Eve shifted her gaze to the huge antique wall clock, it was 19:53.

Oh crap ..it was 7 minutes to her date with Mike. She rushed out of bed with an exaggerated speed of a lighting bolt. How was she going to get ready for her date in just 7 minutes when infact it took her half an hour to even style her hair for sleep! she tried out about four different dresses under 2 minutes, that was the fastest dress change in history, she thought as she squatted beside her shoe rack trying to figure out which of her slippers would match her cream laced dress . It was now 3 minutes to time and the tiresome part was only about to commence. Eve sat in her chair and stared at her reflection in the mirror- time to powder this cute face, is what she seemed to tell herself. She laid her foundation, brushed her lashes, threw 3 different colours on and glossed her lips finally. She gazed at the clock again and smiled with a self satisfied look. 19:51 and she was already set. Eve blew air from between her red painted glossy lips as a sign of relieve, today was the ‘patiently awaited for’ day. Mike was going to ask her to marry him and she knew the answer to that question. “No Mike, I’m so sorry but I cant marry you…” she had rehearsed this over a thousand times.


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