Diary of a broken Eve 0.2

From downstairs, she heard the door bell ring and she knew immediately who it was.

21:05pm,the setting was beautiful, there were pink roses and Jasmines everywhere and their fragrance filled the entire garden. Mike and Eve sat in one of the booths that had the view of a million or so stars that illuminated the place giving it a seemingliy peaceful atmosphere. As they ate their dinner in awkward silence- very peaceful.

Eve was half way through with her plate when Mike knelt on his left knee admist an accapella group melodiously echoing a romantic tune, then he proposed marriage to Eve.

“Evelyn Asamoah Boampong, will you marry me?”

She smiled, having lived this particular evening for the umpteenth time atleast in her head, she knew exactly what to say but for some reason she lingered. She feared how Mike would take her answer but there was no way around it… The quicker she told him the better for both of them.

“No Mike, I can’t marry you. I’m truly sorry” Eve bowed her head and felt somewhat of a relieve to be finaly free from her relationship with Mike, a little part of her was sad. Somehow she was starting to like Mike and she hated that she had to turn down his proposal after long years of them going out. Just like she did to Jason some years back. And even John. But she couldn’t help it.

“What?” Mike exclaimed.” why?” he kept asking Eve in an obviously confused tone and if one could stare hard enough they’d realise Mike was so close to tears, he was broken.

Eve just stood up, grabbed her purse and walked away.


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