Diary of a broken Eve 0.3

She stopped by a bar to have a drink. She felt thirsty from all the drama happening in her life and as she sipped on her favorite fizzy drink, fanta lemon, she reflected on her failed three year long relationship with Mike. It hadn’t always been like this. There was a time she used to commit to love, there was once a time she could genuinely love but she fell in love with what she describes as the biggest mistake of her life and that was it for her. She decided she was better off not loving and so she feared to commit anytime she found herself falling intensely for someone.

Meanwhile in one of the small towns in the Eastern belt of Ghana,

the old woman wiped the sweat off her face and proceeded to the bus station. She wasn’t surprised why she had so easily lost her bearing to where she was going. After all she hadn’t been to the bus station for a while now. Looking about the station, the woman scanned the environment.

“whom do i even ask for directions?” she seemed to ask her sorry self.

These bus conductors are only interested in their money and they’d even allow you board a car to the north just to alight and board another bus to Accra if they had to. There! she thought, when she spotted a quite decently dressed bus conductor.

” Young man, direct me to the Accra bus please” the woman pleaded.

Finally, she had located the Accra bus, paid for a ticket and the bus was ready to set off. The old woman mumbled a word of prayer and unwrapped her ripe plantain and ground nuts and ate in desperation. It was one of her favorite Ghanaian snacks. Immediately, Mrs. Asamoah pulled out her phone and dialed her daughter’s number.

Eve was helping one of her patients take her drugs when her phone rang. She couldn’t strecth her arm to reach her phone in her bag so she missed the call.

The day was going well for Eve until Mike showed up at her work that afternoon and made a scene at the reception. He came demanding to speak with Eve but she was just not up for that kind of stress and when she refused to go and see him, he lost his temper and made a mess of himself at the reception. She really needed some rest after all the brouhaha and she just couldn’t wait to get home and enjoy some ‘alone time’.

After some 4 long hours of sitting in a bus, Mrs. Asamoah was happy to be in Accra finally. She stretched her limbs when she got off the bus- some ride it had been, she thought. Now her only worry was locating her daughter’s appartment in the big city. She hadn’t come for a visit in a long while and so she had forgotten where her daughter lived. She pulled her phone from her purse and dialed her husband’s number even though she knew he wouldn’t be pleased to know she had gone ahead with her plan of coming to Accra. She was taking a chance.

” Hello dear, I’m in Accra at the moment, please help me locate our daughter’s residence.” She said, sounding convincing.

” so you went ahead with your schemes eh?”

“You wouldn’t understand me now but I know you will later. Pastor says it’s a spiritual battle, they are sitting on my daughter’s marriage. Why else won’t she be married at age 33? I need to do something about it.” Mrs. Asamoah defended her actions.

” Ok, ok. Do what pleases you. She lives in the nurses flat in Korle-bu, room 9 of block A.”

When the old woman got there, her daughter hadn’t yet returned from work and she was willing to wait.

Finally, Eve had closed from work and was hurrying home. On her way she bought supper, spiced and fried ripe plantain(kelewele) with groundnuts, too oily but it was convenient for her. From afar, She could see vaguely a shape standing by her door. Her heart seemed to skip a beat when she saw it.

“I’m not expecting anybody this evening.” she thought.

Drawing nearer, she peered harder to see who it was.

“Mom?!” she said aloud.

Mrs. Asamoah looked her direction.

“Efua Asamoah, Ice come to help you find a husband”

Eve’s lips dropped wide open, unable to catch the right words for the moment.


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