Diary of a broken Eve 0.4

“ A little heads up would’ve been fine” Eve rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t expecting company and now is definitely not the time to talk about this.” She added.

“Is that the warmest welcome I can get from my daughter? C’mon, I haven’t seen you in almost a year” the older woman paused and looked at her daughter as if to inspect her. “Come and give me a hug.” Mrs. Asamoah said while opening her arms wide towards Eve who moved very reluctantly to hug her mother.

” You’ve not been eating right. “You’ve lost a lot of weight ” the older woman whispered to her daughter as they enjoyed a moment of embrace.

Eve was not cut out for her mom’s surprise visit at all but who was she kidding? She couldn’t deny that she loved her mother being around. Virtually everything changed. Her diet now involved her eating even breakfast -that, she hadn’t done in a very long while and she grew evidently weighty within the first week.

Even her Christian life had changed, she now attended church meetings not only on Sundays. Apparently, her mother thought finding a husband at church would be more convenient for her daughter because those men were supposed to be God fearing. Well, whatever the woman was doing was working because proposals came buzzing in at Eve although it hadn’t been even a month since she started attending church meetings. She thought it funny when virtually almost half of the young men and some old men too, had started proposing marriage to her. Some of the men weren’t half bad and a few were definitely “husband materials”.

But the thing was, she wasn’t looking for anything serious, at least not anymore. She wanted to take things really slow and enjoy her prime life before finally deciding to commit entirely to anyone.

It was one of those wednesday evenings’ service and the presiding pastor’s sermon as usual lingered a little longer than it was supposed. Out of sheer boredom, Eve decide to stroll about the premises for awhile. Unknowing to her, the weather outside was terribly cold and she had left her coat in the chair she had been sitting on in the church. When she got outside, she perched for awhile by a tree, gracefully leaning her back against it and her face towards the exit .

Thirty long minutes gone and the minister was now on his final point of his sermon. Eve dozed off .

“You must be cold” a soothing voice resounded and Eve felt a warm covering over her shoulder.

She gained full consciousness from her slumber and her eyes met a tall, dark smooth skinned man. Most definitely in his early thirties,Eve guessed. He had wrapped his coat about her and stood there smiling. For some reason, Eve was irritated by his gesture so she removed the coat off her shoulders and flung it back at him.

“I’m not cold, thank you.” She retorted and walked a little distant away. The gentleman remained standing at his initial position, at first, he wanted to go appologise but on second thoughts, he couldn’t understand how his seeming kind gesture could make a lady act that way.

The church chorused a song, they were about closing. A’last! Eve thought as she went in to join the loud chorus.

Mrs. Asamoah and her daughter stood in frustration waiting for a vehicle to transport them back home. This was one of the many reasons why Eve hated the Wednesday service.

“We won’t have been here if you had been married.” Mrs Asamoah blurted out.

” And how has this got to do with me being married?” Eve asked.

“I trained a beautiful young lady who would marry a one of those ministers or doctors and have you ever heard of a minister without a car?” The old woman rolled her eyes at her daughter.

“Oh! So u think I would just jump on any man who proposes marriage to me because he has a car?” She laughed.

Peep pee! A black passant car honked in their direction. The driver pulled over and rolled down the glass.

“Hello, are you going somewhere?” He asked.

Eve thought she recognized that voice but she couldn’t quite remmeber where exactly she had heard it from.

” we’re heading towards Lapaz please.” Mrs Asamoah answered with a smile hoping to get a free ride home.

The driver beckoned them to join him. Eve was hesitant but she succumbed when her mother resounded the fact that they didn’t have a choice than to accept the ride.

As they entered, Eve’s eyes met with the driver’s and almost immediately she remembered where she had heard that voice from. From church! It was the gentleman who offered her his coat outside church earlier that evening.

She bowed her head in shame. The ride was an interesting one with Mrs Asamoah trying so hard to know more about the young man and the man likewise, giving out details about himself. So he was the deacon’s eldest son and he had been away on an evangelism project in one of the villages, he retuned some three weeks ago. The man seemed very ” church involved” and fulfilled in all angles. Eve listened in silence as her mother and the man bonded and she formed her own mental impression about the young man. A part of her was drawn to him and she smiled when she realised it.

“And what about you, miss- smiling -face, may I know your name?” The young man asked Eve.

“Eve…my name is Eve.” She responded sharply and looked away.

“Well, I’m also Nana Yaw. Are you always this weird around people or its just me?” He asked with a warm smile.

Eve smiled too, she knew where the conversation was leading to.

” forgive her if she seems weird around you. Afua is always like that when she meets new people most especially when she likes them.” Mrs. Asamoah interjected.

“Then I must be pretty special” Nana Yaw said jokingly.

And all three laughed.


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