Diary of a broken Eve 0.5

It was Monday and the ward was as usual, busy. Patients were being jostled in and out and the doctors gave preference to the urgent ones first then the less urgent ones in that manner.

Eve and everyone else was getting exhausted and their morning shift wasn’t even over yet. Besides, the lady was starving and needed to grab a bite of anything edible. So Eve took a pause to sit on one of the benches outside to munch on her leftover fish pie that was almost going bad lying in her bag.

I should really start eating breakfast at home before coming to work!” She whispered to no one in particular.

Before Eve could even take a bite of the pie, her gaze fell on this very fine gentleman in a blue shirt and instantly, she recognized who it was. Nana Yaw! But her pride would not let her call him. She wanted him to see her and approach her and not vice versa. There was no need for that because he noticed her instantly from the short distance.

” Eve?” Nana Yaw waved at her and walked briskly to her side.

“Oh hey, what are you doing here?” Eve asked him while attempting to hide her almost gone bad pie.

The look he wore changed. ” I have a patient here,she was just rushed to the emergency unit after sustaining injuries from a nearly fatal motor accident.”

“I’m so sorry about that, I hope she heals quickly” she said. Just then her pager beeped- it meant there was work for her to do at the ward. She frowned at the fact that she couldn’t even get to finish her pie or even spend some more time with Nana Yaw.

“Nana Yaw, I guess we’d have to talk some other time”.

” sure, how about lunch later in the day? You look famished ” he said and smiled.

She nodded and smiled.

Lunch with Nana Yaw, that was all Eve could think of when she wrote her last report for the day. She was all smiles that afternoon and she prayed the clock would tick faster than usual so she could see NanaYaw again. But first, she had to rush home and have an actual heavy lunch just so she can order only juice and cup cakes on her date with Nana Yaw. She didn’t want to be remembered as the lady who ordered heavy meals on a first lunch date.

Mrs. Asamoah had as usual, cooked her favourite dish: boiled plantain with green leafy vegetable stew topped with boiled egg. She knew her Eve will be hungry when she returned from work considering that she didn’t take breakfast before leaving for morning duty. Just as expected, Eve came home famished so she took a cold shower then hurriedly ate her lunch because she had no time to waste. Although Nana Yaw didn’t exactly give out time for their date Eve didn’t want to waste any time so she slipped into her new peplum dress and comfortable flats.

“And where is she heading off to looking so beautiful? ” Mrs. Asamoah asked her.

Eve knew her mother was not one to complement on dresses so it meant she really was looking nice.

“I’m having lunch with a colleague” she said.

Waiting for a cab took her forever and she was getting impatient. From time to time. She’d glance at her phone to be sure she didn’t miss any call from Nana Yaw.

But why hasn’t he called me? Am I over reacting or maybe I’m pushing too hard? Eve wondered. A taxi honked at her.

Finally! She got in and gave her location. Or may be he has forgotten we have a date? I should call to remind him she thought and dialed Nana Yaw’s number. But on second thoughts she didn’t want to look desperate so she put her phone back in her purse and hoped that somehow Nana Yaw would call her.

“Madam, we’re at the central hospital” the cab driver who sounded very much voltarian said, breaking the silence in the car.

“Oh, thanks” Eve paid her fare and alighted. She loomed about the hospital, wishing somehow that Nana Yaw would be there too, waiting to pick her up to have lunch at some place nice, somewhere east legon or some place romantic. The thought of it alone made her smile.

No sign of him anywhere. So she sat under the shady park on one of those benches at the front yard. That way she was sure to see him in case he passed by. Hours went by and still no sign of him and one needn’t be an expert to tell that Eve was frustrated.


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