Diary of a broken Eve 0.6

Tired of waiting, she decided to go to the ward to finish the work she was unable to complete.

“Hi, Eve.” Sandy, her colleague nurse, greeted.

“Hello” Eve feigned a smile, greeted and moved on.

She walked past the reception area and headed straight to the ward. Glancing about,monitoring patients as she did. They were all sober and seemed to be getting better. She noticed a new patient had joined the ward and Eve was eager to know whom she was and how critical her condition was but that would have wait since the patient was with a male visitor. And for some very weird reason, Eve thought the visitor looked very much like Nana Yaw. His broad shoulders, and well built triceps were just like Nana Yaw’s. It was a shame she could only get see his back from where she sat.

I may be exaggerating! She thought. Brushing off the thought of the gentleman being Nana Yaw, she proceeded to bed 13, one of her patients who was recovering from a nearly fatal wound, she wanted to check her blood pressure. Even as Eve entangled the sphygmomanometer around the sick woman’s arm, she pumped air through the tube through to the soon inflating band around the patient’s arm. She did it a little too vigorous-perhaps because of her frustration from being stood up by Nana Yaw. The patient shrieked but knew better not to complain.

“Eve?!” A gentleman exclaimed from bed 15. It was the one whom she had guessed was Nana Yaw-it really was him.

She didn’t even know whether to be happy because she had finally seen him or be mad at him for not showing up for the date. So her face looked something like a happy/sad one as she walked over to bed 15 to meet him. One of those creepy smiles.

“Hey, meet Yolanda”, Nana Yaw introduced the lady on bed 15 to Eve.

She was dark skinned and beautiful.

“Nice to meet you Yolanda. Are you his sister? You look very much alike” Eve said.

Both Nana Yaw and Yolanda laughed.

Shaking his head, he replied, “Yolanda is my beloved we’re getting married this November.”

Eves heart sank. Nonetheless, she managed to smile.


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