Greatest fears come to life.

If you’ve stared death in the eyes lately, perhaps your entire perception about life will change.

If I had a diary, 02-January-17 would definitely have made its way in it and would probably bare the title ‘most memorable day’.

Anytime I recount this story, I never miss a detail. I tell it all and just sometimes, I add a little spice to it but today I won’t. I’ll be completely honest with you on what really happened.

It was about 3:00pm, mother was in the kitchen with Serwaa, fixing late lunch. It was banku(a fine mixture of corn and cassava dough) I know this for a fact because Kwesi couldn’t eat his after what I’m about to tell you happened.

The day was just like any other except it was a day after new year’s and so the festive season was still upon us. Anyway, Kofi and me were in the hall and I’m pretty sure we were watching a movie. Then suddenly, I heard mother shout ” fire!” I turned to the kitchen area and through the transparency of the curtains that hanged as a barrier between the hall and kitchen, I saw a flame. It looked very intense even through the curtains and I heard them scream for water. It was to me, as a wild dream I was having. I had never seen so much flame of fire come out from the top of a faulty gas cylinder before. I was dead scared. Kwesi poured water several times unto it until we all came to an unspoken consensus that water couldn’t quench fire from an LPG or maybe it was the manner in which he poured the water. By this time, I had managed to run down stairs and as far as I could from the ticking time bomb. I was so certain that it would explode at least, that’s what science would also have expected.

And so I stood and watched from downstairs with the crowd that had gathered when they heard the loud screams. I became even more frightened because I knew anytime people gathered to watch a scene, the worse was bound to happen. In my head I had already read the following day’s newspaper headlines: family die in gas explosion leaving one survivor.

The local news anchors would make a fortune out if it.

The screams got louder and I was thinking why on earth my family was still in there when the cylinder could explode any moment.

I said a prayer for them: I said,” God, please that’s my whole family in there. I don’t know what I would do on earth without them… Do something. ”

And tell you what, it was around that exact moment I saw my mother carry the blazing cylinder with her hands to the corridor, probably the most insane thing I had seen all day-The rest of it is history, bottomline is everyone escaped, in the end, we laughed it off over dinner.

The day still holds as one with the best banku I have eaten ever.

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