feeling nostalgic

Feeling nostalgic.

Every time I listen to one of those country music by the really old musicians, I miss my dad.

Growing up, that was all you’ll hear all weekend and so it was hard to hate country music. Even now, anytime I 

 listen to Kenny Rogers’ ‘gambler’ song, I get the feeling that it’s a Sunday and we’re washing clothes at the balcony and wierdly enough, I can almost see Dad jumping about to the tune of it. 

Anytime I smell apple hair cream, I miss the saloon.

Moment of truth– every one of us has that moment that sparks a nostalgic feeling in us. Like, this one friend of mine who misses her mom anytime  she empties a tray of diced carrots into boiling soup.  

 The bittersweet part of feeling nostalgic is that the feeling comes to you like a tease and pulls your legs. Because you know so well that those days are long lost ones which don’t seem to be to coming back any time soon.

But every now and then, if we create a good moment in our lives, it will imprint on our Hearts and Heads and some day…just some day, we’ll live with the want of re-living that moment all over again.

That’s the beauty of Nostalgia.
Photography: Steele Perkins



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