•close to perfect•

I didn’t wish for a fine tall gentleman with great hair and huge muscles, I only wanted something close to perfect.

I never wanted an all-so-romantic proposal with stars in the sky and a gentleman down on one knee or even a violin show- I didn’t wish for perfect, just something close to perfect
You know how other girls dream of a fancy wedding in the largest halls in town or even the whitest and longest gowns that dragged on the floor some thousand miles behind? Nope, I yearned for something simple, not too perfect, just close to perfect. 

I wanted a regular house and a nice car, nothing too fancy, nothing perfect. 

I didn’t even wish for the highest paying job, just a regular  one enough for my little imaginary family.

 I was willing to settle for a middle class, nothing expensive, nothing ‘celebrity stlye’ nothing perfect, just close to perfect.

Did I ask for soo much?

Why did life tuck me down that bad?


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