Sometimes I have those sober reflections on how different real life situations could have turned out if only I had said what I was thinking- if I had been deeply honest with people.

Sometimes I feel like I allow myself tolerate too much from others out of sheer respect. Just one of these days, I know, that someway somehow, my deepest thoughts will ignite and explode from within- the worse kind of death I’ve heard of so far. To have your emotions kill you.

Sometimes a couple of our problems (well, I don’t know about you but a couple of my problems) could have been so easily avoided if I had decided to say what I was thinking- if I had allowed my inner most person to speak up.

But I feared critics, I feared that I might stammer when asked to defend my inner me, I feared that I may look completely helpless, like a fool. And so I silenced that honest other ‘me’ and feigned a smile to cover my emotions.

Sometimes, just sometimes… I know the other me deserves to be heard. That girl has more wisdom than I estimated.😎


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