Floating thoughts.

Floating thoughts.

Lately, I’ve fallen some what aback. It feels like I’ve gone astray, like I’ve lost my joy.

It feels like I’m void within and I can’t deny that my legs feel like they’re sinking deep in mire. I cry a lot lately. I think deep- maybe deeper than I’ve realised I could think. I’m feeling empty. I’m feeling broken. I need rest- not the normal kind anyway. I need a break from all the crap. I need some time to pause and just sit and reflect. Like real deep reflections on life. My life.

I need space, I need Christ. I need love.


2 Replies to “Floating thoughts.”

  1. Everybody is hurting lately
    Could it be because we search for happiness in others but ourselves
    Or we no longer love ourselves
    Or perhaps we are just tired of life

    The first day I laid eyes on you
    I had in my hands nothing but a fist of courage
    I just thought I would conquer your world
    But your world was already on fire
    A fire of love and peace
    You were gentle, sweet and kind
    Your cheek bones like the hills of dejatu
    Pointy and beautiful

    Your smile that sent shivers down my spine
    And when I held your hands for the time
    I just couldn’t help it but smile
    I wanted to be there forever
    But I got carried away
    Let you down ,but you picked me up
    I became foolish and let go of that hand

    Now I want it back
    Just a touch will heal my pain
    Just a smile from you will make me sane again
    I know this because you went away
    You went away with everything you gave me
    The chills, the laughter, the good times
    I want it all back, coz I can’t move on when you have all that.

    Bring back us…no one should hurt again

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