Me and my fragile ambition.

Let’s roll back into time when I was in primary school. Class 1 to be precise. Let’s assume it’s a Monday morning and everyone of us (class 1 pupils) are neatly dressed. White socks, neat uniforms, hair well kept and finger nails trimmed down. With the exception of this one boy, Fii. He would appear on a Monday morning at school looking like it was Friday recess time- that boy! Let’s save the subject of Fii for another piece. And let me not forget why I started this story in a class room setting…

Aha, remember when we were little and the teacher would pause on his lesson and ask each one of us.. “so when you grow up what will you be?” Yes. Well, it was one of those times and teacher had tasked us the previous week to find out what we would love to be when we grew up. That weekend I remember spending time asking my elder brother what I should be in future because at age 8, I wasn’t such an ambitious little girl. It was Monday and I still didn’t know what I wanted to be in future. So when teacher walked into the class that very Monday morning, I shivered just a little. He taught for awhile on something that I’m sure was in the syllabus and in the middle of his lesson, he paused. We all knew what would follow next and he didn’t disappoint. Pointing his rod to the boy on the first column on the first row, he asked, “What will you be when you grow up”. The boy stood up boldly, “A doctor” he said. Another said “a bank manager”,One said “lawyer”, some said nurses, and most girls said air hostess. Of course there were silly responses from boys like Fii claiming that they will be “armed robbers” and when they grew up. By the time teacher got to my seat, I had figured it out. I would be an air hostess too. After all, most of my female mates were going to be air hostesses. Plus it sounded fancy.

Funny thing is another teacher was going to ask me that same question some two years later and my response was going to be ‘a nurse’. As a little girl, I didn’t believe in make believe and I was conscious of reality for some reason. Maybe it was the setting in which I was brought up.

At some point in our lives we have a dream but as to whether or not we become those dreams, lies on us. While there may be plenty of restrictions in life, there’s nothing as beautiful and bold as a wild dreamer who totally believes in his dreams. So if you must dream, do dream as big as you can- and be bold enough to follow your dreams. There’s no limit to how great you think you can be.

Only Believe!!

Photo credit – inspired-photography – by – Ashraful Arefin


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