Greatest fears come to life.

If you’ve stared death in the eyes lately, perhaps your entire perception about life will change.

If I had a diary, 02-January-17 would definitely have made its way in it and would probably bare the title ‘most memorable day’.

Anytime I recount this story, I never miss a detail. I tell it all and just sometimes, I add a little spice to it but today I won’t. I’ll be completely honest with you on what really happened.

It was about 3:00pm, mother was in the kitchen with Serwaa, fixing late lunch. It was banku(a fine mixture of corn and cassava dough) I know this for a fact because Kwesi couldn’t eat his after what I’m about to tell you happened.

The day was just like any other except it was a day after new year’s and so the festive season was still upon us. Anyway, Kofi and me were in the hall and I’m pretty sure we were watching a movie. Then suddenly, I heard mother shout ” fire!” I turned to the kitchen area and through the transparency of the curtains that hanged as a barrier between the hall and kitchen, I saw a flame. It looked very intense even through the curtains and I heard them scream for water. It was to me, as a wild dream I was having. I had never seen so much flame of fire come out from the top of a faulty gas cylinder before. I was dead scared. Kwesi poured water several times unto it until we all came to an unspoken consensus that water couldn’t quench fire from an LPG or maybe it was the manner in which he poured the water. By this time, I had managed to run down stairs and as far as I could from the ticking time bomb. I was so certain that it would explode at least, that’s what science would also have expected.

And so I stood and watched from downstairs with the crowd that had gathered when they heard the loud screams. I became even more frightened because I knew anytime people gathered to watch a scene, the worse was bound to happen. In my head I had already read the following day’s newspaper headlines: family die in gas explosion leaving one survivor.

The local news anchors would make a fortune out if it.

The screams got louder and I was thinking why on earth my family was still in there when the cylinder could explode any moment.

I said a prayer for them: I said,” God, please that’s my whole family in there. I don’t know what I would do on earth without them… Do something. ”

And tell you what, it was around that exact moment I saw my mother carry the blazing cylinder with her hands to the corridor, probably the most insane thing I had seen all day-The rest of it is history, bottomline is everyone escaped, in the end, we laughed it off over dinner.

The day still holds as one with the best banku I have eaten ever.

Diary of a broken Eve 0.6

Tired of waiting, she decided to go to the ward to finish the work she was unable to complete.

“Hi, Eve.” Sandy, her colleague nurse, greeted.

“Hello” Eve feigned a smile, greeted and moved on.

She walked past the reception area and headed straight to the ward. Glancing about,monitoring patients as she did. They were all sober and seemed to be getting better. She noticed a new patient had joined the ward and Eve was eager to know whom she was and how critical her condition was but that would have wait  since the patient  was with a male visitor. And for some very weird reason, Eve thought the visitor looked very mich like Nana Yaw. His  broad shoulders, and well built triceps were just like Nana Yaw’s. It was a shame she could only get see his back from where she sat.

I may be exaggerating! She thought. Brushing off the thought of the gentleman being Nana Yaw, she proceeded to bed 13, one of her patients who was  recovering from a nearly fatal wound, she wanted to check her blood pressure. Even as Eve entangled  the sphygmomanometer around the sick woman’s arm, she pumped air through the tube through to the soon inflating band around the patient’s arm. She did it a little too vigorous-perhaps because of her frustration from being stood up by Nana Yaw. The patient shrieked but knew better not to complain.

“Eve?!” A gentleman exclaimed from bed 15. It was the one whom she had guessed was Nana Yaw-it really was him.

She didn’t even know whether to be happy because she had finally seen him or be mad at him for not showing up for the date. So her face looked something like a happy/sad one as she walked over to bed 15 to meet him.One of those creepy smiles. 

“Hey, meet Yolanda” Nana Yaw introduced the lady on bed 15 to Eve.

She was dark skinned and beautiful.

“Nice to meet you, Yolanda. Are you his sister? You look very much alike” Eve said.

Both Nana Yaw and Yolanda laughed. 

Shaking his head, he replied, “Yolanda is my beloved we’re getting married this November.”

Eves heart sank. Nonetheless, she managed to smile.

Love yourself, she said…

Today, I felt sorry.

It was quarter or so past 7pm and the class had dispersed out of sheer frustration. We had been waiting on our second lecturer for close to an hour until he messaged our class rep that he wasn’t going to make it to class that evening.

Very disappointing- but I took advantage of the situation and decided to share my pathetic love story to one of my friends whom I believed had a lot more insight about ‘love’ (if it even existed).

After narrating how I had to break away from my previous relationship, I paused and glanced right into her eyes, then I asked,” so what do you think I should do?” Truth was that I was expecting a more pleasing answer like,  you’ll do fine with time or the right person will come and you’ll be glad you broke up with him.

But No! Helen went straight to the point.

“First,” she said,” you need to learn to love yourself  then you can love anybody else.” It went straight to my heart, piercing. I wasn’t ready to hear about loving myself because I knew I was a long way from doing that. But when she said it, instantly I knew she was right. I needed to stop blaming myself for everything. I needed to understand that I deserved better.

Most importantly, I needed some self love.

Diary of a broken Eve 0.5

It was Monday and the ward was as usual, busy. Patients were being jostled in and out and the doctors gave preference to the urgent ones first then the less urgent ones in that manner. Eve and everyone else was getting exhausted  and their morning shift wasn’t even over yet. Besides, the lady was starving and needed to grab a bite of anything edible. So Eve took a pause to sit on one of the benches outside to munch on her leftover fish pie that was almost going bad ,lying in her bag. “I should really start eating breakfast at home before coming to work!” She whispered to no one in particular. Before Eve could even take a bite of the pie her gaze fell on this very fine gentleman in a blue shirt and instantly, she recognized who it was. Nana Yaw! But her pride would not let her call him. She wanted him to see her and approach her and not vice versa. There was no need for that because he noticed her instantly from the short distance.

” Eve?” Nana Yaw waved at her and walked briskly to her side.

“Oh hey, what are you doing here?” Eve asked him while attempting to hide her almost gone bad pie.

The look he wore changed. ” I have a patient here,she was just rushed to the emergency unit after sustaining injuries from a nearly fatal motor accident.”

“I’m so sorry about that, I hope she heals quickly” she said. Just then her pager beeped- it meant there was work for her to do at the ward. She frowned at the fact that she couldn’t even get to finish her pie or even spend some more time with Nana Yaw.

“Nana Yaw, I guess we’d have to talk some other time”.

” sure, how about lunch later in the day? You look famished ” he said and smiled.

She nodded and smiled.

Lunch with Nana Yaw, that was all Eve could think of when she wrote her last report for the day. She was all smiles that afternoon and she prayed the clock would tick faster than usual so she could see NanaYaw again. But first, she had to rush home and have an actual heavy lunch just so she can order only juice and cup cakes on her date with Nana Yaw. She didn’t want to be remembered as the lady who ordered heavy meals on a first lunch date. 

Mrs. Asamoah had as usual cooked her favourite dish: boiled plantain with green leafy vegetable stew topped with boiled egg. She knew her Eve will be hungry when she returned from work considering that she didn’t take breakfast before leaving for morning duty. Just as expected, Eve came home famished so she took a cold shower then hurriedly ate her lunch because she had no time to waste. Although Nana Yaw didn’t exactly give out time for their date Eve didn’t want to waste any time so she slipped into her new peplum dress and comfortable flats. 

“And where is she heading off to looking so beautiful? ” Mrs. Asamoah asked her.

Eve knew her mother was not one to complement on your dressing so it meant she really was looking nice. 

“I’m having lunch with a colleague” she said.

Waiting for a cab took her forever and she was getting impatient. From time to time. She’d glance at her phone to be sure she didn’t miss any call from Nana Yaw. *But why hasn’t he called me? Am I over reacting or maybe I’m pushing too hard? Eve wondered. A taxi honked at her. Finally! She got in and gave her location. Or may be he has forgotten we have a date? I should call to remind him she thought and dialed Nana Yaw’s number. But on second thoughts she didn’t want to look desperate so she put her phone back in her purse and hoped that somehow Nana Yaw would call her.

“Madam, we’re at the central hospital” the cab driver who sounded very much voltarian said, breaking the silence in the car.

“Oh, thanks” Eve paid her fare and alighted. She loomed about the hospital, wishing somehow that Nana Yaw would be there too, waiting to pick to have lunch at some porsche restaurant somewhere east legon or some place romantic. The thought of it alone made her smile.

No sign of him anywhere. So she sat under the shady park on one of those benches at the front yard. That way she was sure to see him in case he passed by.  Hours went by and still no sign of him and one needn’t be an expert to tell that Eve was frustrated.

That little boy…died at 9

That little boy was just 9 and I believe he’d seen more pain than an average 9year old should. 

I didn’t know him that well but I guarantee he’d done more trades than allowed by law and had cried more times than his bewildered eyes should. 

I didn’t know him that well but this little I knew:

That his mother died three months after his birth and his cruel aunt beat him more than she should have. His father ran off in the middle of the night. It was an April night, or so I was told. And he never sat in a classroom, never even imagined what it would have been like. But that little boy, he knew he was good at something other than cleaning windows of cars and polishing old men’s shoes. He believed he could have excelled in maths or even economics because his entire life was based on both disciplines.

That little boy, he spent 7 years of his short lived life suffering from cancer. And the doctors didn’t know, his family diagnosed him with bad destiny- how superstitious they were! That little boy, died at 9 and everyone forgot to mourn.

Appreciate your life some more, thank God you’re not that little boy.

Photography credits: pixabay

Diary of a broken Eve 0.4

“ A little heads up would’ve been fine” Eve rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t expecting company and now is definitely not the time to talk about this.” She added.

“Is that the warmest welcome I can get from my daughter? C’mon, I haven’t seen you in almost a year” the older woman paused and looked at her daughter as if to inspect her. “Come and give me a hug.” Mrs. Asamoah said while opening her arms wide towards Eve who moved very reluctantly to hug her mother.

” You’ve not been eating right. “You’ve lost a lot of weight ” the older woman whispered to her daughter as they enjoyed a moment of embrace.

Eve was not cut out for her mom’s surprise visit at all but who was she kidding? She couldn’t deny that she loved her mother being around. Virtually everything changed. Her diet now involved her eating even breakfast -that, she hadn’t done in a very long while and she grew evidently weighty within the first week.

Even her Christian life had changed, she now attended church meetings not only on Sundays. Apparently, her mother thought finding a husband at church would be more convenient for her daughter because those men were supposed to be God fearing. Well, whatever the woman was doing was working because proposals came buzzing in at Eve although it hadn’t been even a month since she started attending church meetings. She thought it funny when virtually almost half of the young men and some old men too, had started proposing marriage to her. Some of the men weren’t half bad and a few were definitely “husband materials”.

But the thing was, she wasn’t looking for anything serious, at least not anymore. She wanted to take things really slow and enjoy her prime life before finally deciding to commit entirely to anyone.

It was one of those wednesday evenings’ service and the presiding pastor’s sermon as usual lingered a little longer than it was supposed. Out of sheer boredom, Eve decide to stroll about the premises for awhile. Unknowing to her, the weather outside was terribly cold and she had left her coat in the chair she had been sitting on in the church. When she got outside, she perched for awhile by a tree, gracefully leaning her back against it and her face towards the exit .

Thirty long minutes gone and the minister was now on his final point of his sermon. Eve dozed off .

“You must be cold” a soothing voice resounded and Eve felt a warm covering over her shoulder.

She gained full consciousness from her slumber and her eyes met a tall, dark smooth skinned man. Most definitely in his early thirties,Eve guessed. He had wrapped his coat about her and stood there smiling. For some reason, Eve was irritated by his gesture so she removed the coat off her shoulders and flung it back at him.

“I’m not cold, thank you.” She retorted and walked a little distant away. The gentleman remained standing at his initial position, at first, he wanted to go appologise but on second thoughts, he couldn’t understand how his seeming kind gesture could make a lady act that way.

The church chorused a song, they were about closing. A’last! Eve thought as she went in to join the loud chorus.

Mrs. Asamoah and her daughter stood in frustration waiting for a vehicle to transport them back home. This was one of the many reasons why Eve hated the Wednesday service.

“We won’t have been here if you had been married.” Mrs Asamoah blurted out.

” And how has this got to do with me being married?” Eve asked.

“I trained a beautiful young lady who would marry a one of those ministers or doctors and have you ever heard of a minister without a car?” The old woman rolled her eyes at her daughter.

“Oh! So u think I would just jump on any man who proposes marriage to me because he has a car?” She laughed.

Peep pee! A black passant car honked in their direction. The driver pulled over and rolled down the glass.

“Hello, are you going somewhere?” He asked.

Eve thought she recognized that voice but she couldn’t quite remmeber where exactly she had heard it from.

” we’re heading towards Lapaz please.” Mrs Asamoah answered with a smile hoping to get a free ride home.

The driver beckoned them to join him. Eve was hesitant but she succumbed when her mother resounded the fact that they didn’t have a choice than to accept the ride.

As they entered, Eve’s eyes met with the driver’s and almost immediately she remembered where she had heard that voice from. From church! It was the gentleman who offered her his coat outside church earlier that evening.

She bowed her head in shame. The ride was an interesting one with Mrs Asamoah trying so hard to know more about the young man and the man likewise, giving out details about himself. So he was the deacon’s eldest son and he had been away on an evangelism project in one of the villages, he retuned some three weeks ago. The man seemed very ” church involved” and fulfilled in all angles. Eve listened in silence as her mother and the man bonded and she formed her own mental impression about the young man. A part of her was drawn to him and she smiled when she realised it.

“And what about you, miss- smiling -face, may I know your name?” The young man asked Eve.

“Eve…my name is Eve.” She responded sharply and looked away.

“Well, I’m also Nana Yaw. Are you always this weird around people or its just me?” He asked with a warm smile.

Eve smiled too, she knew where the conversation was leading to.

” forgive her if she seems weird around you. Afua is always like that when she meets new people most especially when she likes them.” Mrs. Asamoah interjected.

“Then I must be pretty special” Nana Yaw said jokingly.

And all three laughed.

Akwaaba, April.


Does the year seem to be moving faster than usual to anyone else? Or its just me? I can remmeber vividly when January was ushered and I had a list of about half a page full of my resolutions. As to whether I was able to fulfil any of those, I can’t be so sure.
And voilà! April welcomes itself into 2017. It couldn’t have been more majestic about it either. The showers it sprinkled down on us- was just beautiful.

Experience the very best of April.

Dear April, please be good to us all.

Ps: its 1st April, be wise;)

Diary of a broken Eve 0.3

She stopped by a bar to have a drink.  She felt thirsty from all the drammar happening in her life and as she sipped on her favorite fizzy drink, fanta lemon, she reflected on her failed three year long relationship with Mike. It hadn’t always been like this. There was a time she used to commit to love, there was once a time she could genuinely love but she fell in love with what she describes as the biggest mistake of her life and that was it for her. She decided she was better off not loving and so she feared to commit anytime she found herself falling intensely for someone.

Meanwhile in one of the small towns in the Eastern belt of Ghana,

the old woman wiped the sweat off her face and proceeded to the bus station. She wasn’t surprised why she had so easily lost her bearing to where she was going. Afterall she hadn’t been to  the bus station for a while now. Looking about the station, the woman scanned the environment.  “whom do i even ask for directions?” she seemed to ask her sorry self. These bus conductors are only interested in their money and they’d even allow you board a car to the north just to alight and board another bus to Accra if they had to. There! she thought, when she spotted a quite decently dressed bus conductor.

” Young man, direct me to the Accra bus please” the woman pleaded.

Finally, she had located the Accra bus, paid for a ticket and the bus was ready to set off. The old woman mumbled a word of prayer and unwrapped her ripe plantain and ground nuts and ate in desperation- It was one of her favorite Ghanaian snacks. Immediately, Mrs. Asamoah pulled out her phone and dialed her daughter’s number.

Eve was helping one of her patients take her drugs when her phone rang. She couldn’t strecth her arm to reach her phone in her bag so she missed the call.

The day was going well for Eve until Mike showed up at her work that afternoon and made a scene at the reception. He came demanding to speak with Eve but she was just not up for that kind of stress and when she refused to go and see him, he lost his temper and made a mess of himself at the reception. She really needed some rest after all the bruhaha and she just couldn’t wait to get home and enjoy some alone time.

After some 4 long hours of sitting in a bus, Mrs. Asamoah was happy to be in Accra finally. She stretched her limbs when she got off the bus- some ride it had been, she thought. Now her only worry was locating her daughter’s appartment in the big city. She hadn’t come for a visit in a long while and so she had forgotten where her daughter lived. She pulled her phone from her purse and dialed her husband’s number even though she knew he wouldn’t be pleased to know she had gone ahead with her plan of coming to Accra. She was taking a chance.

” Hello dear, I’m in Accra at the moment, please help me locate our daughter’s residence.” She said, sounding convincing.

” so you went ahead with your schemes eh?”

“You wouldn’t understand me now but I know you will later. Pastor says it’s a spiritual battle, they are sitting on my daughter’s marriage. Why else won’t she be married at age 33? I need to do something about it.” Mrs. A samoah defended her actions.

” Ok, ok. Do what pleases you. She lives in the nurses flat in Korle-bu, room 9 of block A.”

When the old woman got there, her daughter hadn’t yet returned from work and she  was willing to wait.

Finally, Eve had closed from work and was hurrying home. On her way she bought supper, spiced and fried ripe plantain with groundnuts, too oily but it was convenient for her. From afar, She could see vaguely a shape standing by her door. Her heart seemed to skip a beat when she saw it.

“I’m not expecting anybody this evening.” she thought. 

Drawing nearer, she peered harder to see who it was.

“Mom?” she said aloud.

Mrs. Asamoah looked her direction.

“Efua Asamoah, Ive come to help you find a husband”

Eve’s lips dropped wide open, unable to catch the right words for the moment.

Diary of a broken Eve 0.2

From downstairs, she heard the door bell ring and she knew immediately who it was.

21:05pm,the setting was beautiful, there were pink roses and Jasmines everywhere and their fragrance filled the entire garden. Mike and Eve sat in one of the booths that had the view of a million or so stars that illuminated the place giving it a  seemingliy peaceful atmosphere as they ate their dinner in awkward silence- very peaceful. Eve was half way through with her plate when Mike knelt on his left knee admist an accapella group melodiously echoing a romantic tune, then he proposed marriage to Eve.

“Evelyn Asamoah Boampong, will you marry me?”

She smiled, having lived this particular evening for the umpteenth time atleast in her head, she knew exactly what to say but for some reason she lingered. She feared how Mike would take her answer but there was no way around it… The quicker she told him the better for both of them.

“No Mike, I can’t marry you. I’m truly sorry” Eve bowed her head but inspire of her somewhat relieve to be finaly free from her relationship with Mike, a little part of her was sad. Somehow she was starting to like Mike and she hated that she had to turn down his proposal after long years of them going out. Just like she did to Jason some years back. And even John. But she couldn’t help it.

“What?” Mike exclaimed.” why?” he kept asking Eve in an obviously confused tone and if one could stare hard enough they’d realise Mike was so close to tears, he was broken.

Eve just stood up, grabbed her purse and walked away.

Diary of a broken Eve:'( 

Eve slammed the door behind her and threw her weary self into the sofa. Exhausted, she laid down waiting patiently g had her off days colliding with a holiday and today that the miracle had happened, she wasn’t going to waste her day doing anything other than sleeping. Eve shifted her gaze to the huge antique wall clock, it was 19:53.

Oh crap was 7 minutes to her date with Mike. She rushed out of bed with an exaggerated speed of a lighting bolt. How was she going to get ready for her date in just 7 minutes when infact it took her half an hour to even style her hair for sleep! she tried out about four different dresses under 2 minutes, that was the fastest dress change in history, she thought as she squatted beside her shoe rack trying to figure out which of her slippers would match her cream laced dress . It was now 3 minutes to time and the tiresome part was only about to commence. Eve sat in her chair and stared at her reflection in the mirror- time to powder this cute face, is what she seemed to tell herself. She laid her foundation, brushed her lashes, threw 3 different colours on and glossed her lips finally. She gazed at the clock again and smiled with a self satisfied look. 19:51 and she was already set. Eve blew air from between her red painted glossy lips as a sign of relieve, today was the ‘patiently awaited for’ day. Mike was going to ask her to marry him and she knew the answer to that question. “No Mike, I’m so sorry but I cant marry you…” she had rehearsed this over a thousand times.